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Introducing Charlie Croker...
Charlie Croker - a cocky, cool, jack-the-lad small time London crook inherits the plans to an almost impossible robbery when he gets out of prison. It's a big job, and needs some serious backing, which he finds in the form of Mr. Bridger, who is a big time British mobster who conducts his 'business' from the prison Croker spent time in. Croker gets his backing, along with a beating (for breaking into Bridger's toilet to give him the plans) and begins the task of preparing for the job - to nick $4 million in gold bullion from under the noses of the Mafia in the heart of Turin, and escaping in three Mini Coopers and a coach.

Lord Croker

Relaxing on Set

In Mini Cooper

At the wheel of the DB4

Name: CHARLIE CROKER | Aka's: Lord Croker, Captain Croker | Nationality: British | Role: Organised the job
Previous Convictions: Many, just done 2 years

Memorable Quote: "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

Notable Croker Lines

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"
"$4 million dollars through a traffic jam"
"One more thing. Just remember this: In this country they drive on the wrong side of the road"
"Nuts to yer watches. You just be there by quarter to and don't get stuck in a traffic jam neither"
"Yes..I used a machine gun"
"Hang on a minute lads, I've gotta great idea"
"You just lost him his insurance bonus"
"Very funny"
Now what would you like? "Everything"

"I'll tell you somethin' Adrian, when I went in that was all the go"
"Now you all know Bill, he's just done three years in Parkhust. He's as honest as the day is long and you can trust him"

"Look out they're behind us. Yer better put yer foot down, put yer foot down, we'll loose 'em easy"
"What are they gabbling about Franko?"
"Get th...get the wheels in line, get the wheels in line with it, and they slam yer brakes on or we'll be in the cabin"
"Wait 'til you see them Italian birds..."
"You'll be making a grave error if you kill us. There are a quarter of a million Italians in Britain, and they'll be made to suffer. Every restaurant, cafe, ice-cream parlour, gambling den and nightclub in London, Liverpool and Glasgow.....will be smashed. Mr. Bridger will drive them into the sea"

"Cheerio lads!"
"Now as you go 'round, look for that bloody exit, we can't go 'round here all night"

"Right, everybody out and start unloading the gold"
"Now, it's a very difficult job..and the only way to get through it is..we all work together as a team. And that do everything I say"
"No....yer meant to use yer brakes Chris"
"Freddy...this job is big"
"You are not goin' to be sick. You're not gonna have yer migraine an' everybody is gonna sit in the back of the motor"
"One more word outta you Arthur.................alright.....Alright"

"The map will be in yer head Chris....I'm burning this one"
"Are they quartz iodine?"
"Will it take the weight?...take the weight?...will it take the weight?"

Charlie gets a visit

This job is big

Don't nobody move

Unload the gold

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