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Harrington Legionnaire
The most famous coach ever? ALR 453B which was delivered new to Battens coaches of London, then eventually into the hands of the production team and it was converted especially for the film. After its epic use in the film ALR did go back to being a coach and was scrapped about 1990 after being in service with several operators, mainly in the Scotland area. The coach had to be reinforced behind the drivers seat so that when the Coopers came into the back they didn't crush the driver. Even though plating had been secured, the drivers seat was still pushed forward several inches, enough for the driver to be touching the steering wheel with his stomach!

When the Legionnaire was on it's way to Turin, it has London - Turin on the destination display above the windscreen, on the way back it had been changed to Turin - London. It also proudly displayed 'Charlie Croker's Coach Tours' logos on the rear and both flanks.

BKO 686C - Land-Rover Series 2A

T059 5619 - Sicurezza Bullion Van

ALR 453B - Harrington Legionnaire

Sicurezza Bullion Van

The bullion van had the registration TO59 5619, which is an italian registration number for Turin (TO = Torino). This type of 'Targa' registration plate (black with white letters and numbers) was used in Italy until to 1977.
The van was bought in Turin by the production crew and was almost certainly an OM 'Furgonato', most probably based on the chassis of a 'Tigrotto', a very famous OM truck , which was popular in Italy during the Sixties an early Seventies. OM was a famous car factory based in Brescia since the 19th century. The first two editions of Mille Miglia (1927 and 1928) had been won by OM cars. Subsequently OM was bought from FIAT and in 1975 the brand was incorporated in IVECO. It was a regular van when bought, so Disley Jones and his art crew transformed it into a convincing security van.
There was also a small plate on the front bumper - 595619 TO.

The 'Dormobile' - Ford Thames van converted into a 'utilibus'
The converted white Ford Thames Van, registration 256 DNY, and adorned with English footballers names and slogans was used by the jobbers to get out of the city. The Dormobile was also used by Bridgers heavies that went 'round to Charlies to give him 'a good going over'!
(Ford, Bedford and Commer were all seperate and unrelated companies and Dormobile was a trade name for campervan conversions, frequently done on Bedford CA vans. 'Dormobile' was a generic term for a van conversions).

Land-Rover Series 2A
The Land-Rover (Reg. BKO 686C) had loads of kit added to it, so that it looked 'the business', there was even a special tow winch attached to tow the bullion van through the traffic. George Innes, who plays Bill Bailey was driving the Land-Rover, he actually learned to drive just for this scene!

Morris Minor Van- blown Up
An ancient white Morris Minor van was sacrificed for the scene where the doors were only meant to be blown off!

Daimler Majestic Major
NAN 404D - The Pakistani Ambassadors car was what Lorna used to drive Charlie away from the nick.

NAN 404D - Daimler Majestic Major - The Pakistani Ambassadors car

T0A3 1271 - Altabani's Fiat Dino, supplied by Fiat

256 DNY - Converted Ford Thames 'Dormobile'

White Morris Minor Van was blown up with it's doors!

Fiat Dino and Fiat 500's
Fiat supplied the production team with three black Fiat Dino's for the mafia to drive. As Fiat's offer to use Fiat's instead of Mini's was politely turned down, they filled the traffic jam scene with as many as they possibly could, they are everywhere!

Austin A60 Cambridge
The car that falls off the transporter (that is supposed to be a Fiat transporter) and lands on the Police Chief's car is an Austin A60, you can actually se that it's not in a very good state, the sills are rotten and when the boot pops open there is some old carpet in the boot!

The Mafia used two Caterpillars. A Cat D7 was used to kill Beckerman at the start of the film and a Caterpillar Model 944A was used to wreck the Aston and Jags.

The aeroplane delivering the bullion has it's entire livery done by Disley Jones and his art department. The plane had been sitting around at Turin Airport, presumably out of service.

The Carabinieri (Military Police) drove Alfa Romeo Giulias.

The Polizia motorbike that slid over on the wet floor had the registration Polizia 61527

The Carabinieri armoured vehicle (with water cannon) that followed the bullion van had registration E _ 15 2766

Professor Peach gets on tram No. 3132, and is never seen again in the film! - A scene where Croker tells Peach to go to Geneva was never in the final cut of the film.

Two Peyrani transporters were used to block off the street while the gold was being transferred to the Coopers. One was black, with lettering '25 Peyrani' and one was red with lettering '43 Peyrani'. Peyrani used to manufacture transporters, but now deal with mining/oil related engineering equipment.

Austin A60 Cambridge

An example of the Mafia's Caterpillar 944A

Water Cannon - E _ 15 2766

The Carabinieri/Polizia drove Alfa Giulias

Black '25 Peyrani' transporter

Chinese plane delivering bullion

Free Enterprise I - transport to the continent

The Free Enterprise I in 2003, renamed Kallisti

The ferry that the jobbers boarded to get to the continent was called 'Free Enterprise I'. It was built in Holland in 1962, for Townsend Brothers Ferries' Dover-Calais service. In 1968, ownership passed to Townsend Thoresen. Since 1980 it had various name and owner changes. In 1997 it was renamed Kallisti. She was used during the summer on cruises between Crete-Santorini, and in winter between Lavrio-Tinos-Mykonos and as of 2003 was still in service!

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